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New Jersey Language Disorder Therapy

Language disorder therapy at iRise Therapy, will assist in the development of the ability to communicate using the right words to express yourself effectively.

Our language disorder therapists offer excellent support and assistance to those struggling with disorders such as aphasia, dysarthria, or apraxia. These disorders can impact your ability to speak or recall words, cause stuttering or slurred speech, impact your ability to read and write, make it hard for you to understand the context or complexity of language, and can create other communication barriers.

The inability to effectively communicate makes getting your needs met and having satisfying and rewarding relationships with family and peers very challenging. When you can develop tools to improve these abilities, work, school, relationships, and day-to-day activities become more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Our language disorder therapists provide personalized language support to every individual to improve your speaking skills, build your confidence and effectively communicate your needs, thoughts, and unique perspectives.

Who Benefits From Language Disorder Therapy?

Identifying and knowing when you or a loved one can benefit from the support of a speech-language therapist can be difficult. While some problems are immediately evident after an event, injury, or accident, not all language issues occur the same way. Cognition problems can sometimes be progressive, leaving you less capable of properly forming and understanding language, and more confused and frustrated as your abilities degrade.

The earlier you identify that speech or language disorders may exist, the better and sooner you can begin treatment and begin to rebuild or regain your skills. A qualified, certified language disorder therapist can provide specialized assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, so you can get both the answers and support you need to slow or reverse the impacts of your condition.

  • If you or a loved one are suffering from any of the following, ensure you get the assistance of a skilled speech therapist for support.
  • Having troubles controlling the volume, tone, or pitch of your voice
  • Trouble selecting appropriate words
  • Mislabeling everyday objects
  • Unable to remember names of friends or family
  • Slurred speech, stuttering, or inability to form the sounds of words
  • Memory loss- struggling to recall current events or your personal history
  • Difficulties with comprehension
  • Having trouble following directions and with orientation
  • Struggling with problem-solving, time, or money
  • Inappropriate responses to conversations.
  • It’s difficult to chew or swallow during meals
  • Struggling with coughing, spilling, and gurgling when trying to eat or drink

Language disorder therapy improves your language skills as well as your confidence in your ability to communicate effectively. If you, a child, or parent is experiencing issues with language formation or comprehension, then our New Jersey language disorder therapists provide effective treatment and support.

Convenient Language Therapy Options

As your New Jersey language disorder therapy clinic, we are dedicated to making speech therapy accessible to everyone! Many of our speech clients also struggle with reduced mobility, making office visits challenging, or suppressed immune systems, which can make in-person visits unsafe. By providing three options for administering speech therapy, we make sure everyone has access to the speech and language treatment they need.

We provide outpatient speech therapy in our local speech and language therapy office, allowing us full access to our full selection of speech tools and language therapy instruments. This allows us to easily cater to your unique needs or adjust our techniques immediately if a particular approach doesn’t have the intended effect.

Home speech therapy is performed in your home by one of our certified speech-language therapists. While some choose this option due to limited mobility, others simply feel more confident working in their own home. We want to make sure all of our patients are as comfortable as possible during their sessions.

Virtual speech therapy is an increasingly popular option, allowing us to assist any patient at any time through digital chat, regardless of their current location. We will supply or help you acquire all of the materials needed for completing your speech teletherapy training session.

A combination of therapy settings is also available and you can choose a different method at any time. Some clients may find that teletherapy is a better choice for them as their therapy progresses, while others may choose this option from the beginning, or never at all. We are dedicated to making language therapy convenient and comfortable for you, and offering a variety of convenient speech treatment options is just one of the many ways we do that.

If you are a parent, and your child is struggling to find the right words or properly form words, has issues with language comprehension, finds it challenging to control the pitch or volume of speech, stutters, has memory or concentration problems, or issues with properly swallowing, we can help. Reach out to one of our dedicated speech-language therapists for evaluation, testing, diagnosis, and the customized treatment you deserve.